Updates for:
CentOS 7

Update Information

Update ID Title Released Severity
CESA-2024:4016 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2024-06-20 Important
CESA-2024:3980 Important CentOS flatpak Update 2024-06-18 Important
CESA-2024:3939 Important CentOS linux-firmware Update 2024-06-17 Important
CESA-2024:3951 Important CentOS firefox Update 2024-06-17 Important
CESA-2024:3741 Important CentOS bind and dhcp Update 2024-06-10 Important
CESA-2024:3760 Important CentOS ipa Update 2024-06-10 Important
CESA-2024:3669 Important CentOS less Update 2024-06-06 Important
CEBA-2024:3624 CentOS scap-security-guide Update 2024-06-05
CEBA-2024:3589 CentOS kernel Update 2024-06-04
CESA-2024:3588 Important CentOS glibc Update 2024-06-04 Important
CESA-2024:3591 Important CentOS 389-ds-base Update 2024-06-04 Important
CESA-2024:3304 Important CentOS libreoffice Update 2024-05-23 Important
CESA-2024:2913 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2024-05-20 Important
CESA-2024:2881 Important CentOS firefox Update 2024-05-16 Important
CESA-2024:2080 Important CentOS tigervnc Update 2024-04-29 Important
CESA-2024:2002 Moderate CentOS grub2 Update 2024-04-23 Moderate
CESA-2024:2004 Important CentOS kernel Update 2024-04-23 Important
CESA-2024:1821 Moderate CentOS java-11-openjdk Update 2024-04-22 Moderate
CESA-2024:1935 Low CentOS thunderbird Update 2024-04-22 Low
CESA-2024:1910 Important CentOS firefox Update 2024-04-18 Important
CESA-2024:1817 Moderate CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Update 2024-04-16 Moderate
CESA-2024:1785 Important CentOS xorg-x11-server Update 2024-04-11 Important
CESA-2024:1787 Important CentOS squid Update 2024-04-11 Important
CEBA-2024:1759 CentOS firefox Update 2024-04-10
CEBA-2024:1540 CentOS redhat-support-lib-python BugFix Update 2024-04-03
CESA-2024:1498 Moderate CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2024-04-03 Moderate
CESA-2024:1486 Critical CentOS firefox Security Update 2024-04-03 Critical
CEBA-2024:1275 CentOS lm_sensors Update 2024-03-12
CEBA-2024:1276 CentOS resource-agents Update 2024-03-12
CEBA-2024:1277 CentOS libX11 Update 2024-03-12
CESA-2024:1249 Important CentOS kernel Update 2024-03-12 Important
CESA-2024:0957 Important CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2024-02-29 Important
CESA-2024:0976 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2024-02-29 Important
CEBA-2024:0987 CentOS scap-security-guide BugFix Update 2024-02-29
CEBA-2024:0721 CentOS sos BugFix Update 2024-02-21
CESA-2024:0857 Important CentOS python-pillow Security Update 2024-02-21 Low
CEBA-2024:0856 CentOS subscription-manager Update 2024-02-19
CESA-2024:0753 Moderate CentOS linux-firmware Update 2024-02-09 Moderate
CEBA-2024:0762 CentOS tzdata Update 2024-02-08
CESA-2024:0629 Important CentOS tigervnc Security Update 2024-02-05 Important
CESA-2024:0013 Important CentOS gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free Security Update 2024-02-05 Important
CESA-2024:0600 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2024-02-05 Important
CESA-2024:0232 Important CentOS java-11-openjdk Security Update 2024-01-26 Important
CESA-2024:0223 Important CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Security Update 2024-01-26 Important
CEBA-2024:0350 CentOS net-snmp BugFix Update 2024-01-26
CESA-2024:0320 Important CentOS xorg-x11-server Security Update 2024-01-26 Important
CEBA-2024:0344 CentOS sssd BugFix Update 2024-01-26
CESA-2024:0345 Moderate CentOS python-pillow Security Update 2024-01-26 Low
CESA-2024:0343 Moderate CentOS LibRaw Security Update 2024-01-26 Moderate
CESA-2024:0279 Important CentOS gstreamer-plugins-bad-free Security Update 2024-01-26 Important
CESA-2024:0346 Important CentOS kernel Security Update 2024-01-26 Important
CEBA-2024:0348 CentOS 389-ds-base BugFix Update 2024-01-26
CESA-2023:5461 Important CentOS ImageMagick Security Update 2024-01-17 Important
CESA-2024:0145 Moderate CentOS ipa Security Update 2024-01-12 Moderate
CESA-2024:0006 Important CentOS tigervnc Security Update 2024-01-12 Important
CESA-2024:0009 Important CentOS xorg-x11-server Security Update 2024-01-12 Important
CESA-2024:0027 Important CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2024-01-12 Important
CESA-2024:0026 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2024-01-12 Important
CESA-2023:7783 Important CentOS postgresql Update 2023-12-13 Important
CESA-2023:7743 Low CentOS curl Update 2023-12-12 Low
CESA-2023:7513 Moderate CentOS linux-firmware Update 2023-11-27 Moderate
CEBA-2023:7468 CentOS systemd Update 2023-11-23
CEBA-2023:7425 CentOS slapi-nis Update 2023-11-21
CEBA-2023:7426 CentOS xmlsec1 Update 2023-11-21
CEBA-2023:7427 CentOS xfsdump Update 2023-11-21
CESA-2023:7423 Important CentOS kernel Update 2023-11-21 Important
CEEA-2023:7283 CentOS microcode_ctl Update 2023-11-15
CESA-2023:7279 Important CentOS open-vm-tools Update 2023-11-15 Important
CESA-2023:6885 Important CentOS python Update 2023-11-13 Important
CESA-2023:6802 Important CentOS xorg-x11-server Update 2023-11-08 Important
CESA-2023:6805 Critical CentOS squid Update 2023-11-08 Critical
CESA-2023:6823 Important CentOS python3 Update 2023-11-08 Important
CESA-2023:5736 Moderate CentOS java-11-openjdk Update 2023-10-18 Moderate
CESA-2023:5761 Moderate CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Update 2023-10-18 Moderate
CESA-2023:5691 Important CentOS bind Update 2023-10-12 Important
CEBA-2023:5617 CentOS subscription-manager Update 2023-10-10
CEBA-2023:5618 CentOS ipmitool Update 2023-10-10
CEBA-2023:5623 CentOS ca-certificates Update 2023-10-10
CESA-2023:5615 Moderate CentOS libssh2 Update 2023-10-10 Moderate
CESA-2023:5616 Important CentOS python-reportlab Update 2023-10-10 Important
CESA-2023:5622 Important CentOS kernel Update 2023-10-10 Important
CEBA-2023:5478 CentOS nss Update 2023-10-05
CESA-2023:5217 Important CentOS open-vm-tools Update 2023-09-19 Important
CESA-2023:5019 Important CentOS firefox Update 2023-09-07 Important
CESA-2023:4945 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-09-04 Important
CEBA-2023:4820 CentOS strace Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4822 CentOS ibus Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4823 CentOS samba Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4824 CentOS scap-security-guide Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4825 CentOS net-snmp Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4826 CentOS 389-ds-base Update 2023-08-29
CEBA-2023:4827 CentOS ipa Update 2023-08-29
CESA-2023:4819 Important CentOS kernel Update 2023-08-29 Important
CESA-2023:4766 Important CentOS cups Update 2023-08-28 Important
CESA-2023:4701 Moderate CentOS subscription-manager Update 2023-08-22 Moderate
CEEA-2023:4636 CentOS microcode_ctl Update 2023-08-14
CEBA-2023:4599 CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-08-10
CEBA-2023:4598 CentOS firefox Update 2023-08-09
CESA-2023:4151 Important CentOS kernel Security Update 2023-08-03 Important
CEBA-2023:4120 CentOS 389-ds-base BugFix Update 2023-08-03
CEBA-2023:4122 CentOS rear BugFix Update 2023-08-03
CEEA-2023:4121 CentOS subscription-manager Enhancement Update 2023-08-03
CESA-2023:4152 Important CentOS bind Security Update 2023-08-03 Important
CESA-2023:4382 Important CentOS openssh Update 2023-08-01 Important
CESA-2023:4326 Important CentOS iperf3 Update 2023-07-31 Important
CESA-2023:4166 Moderate CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Update 2023-07-21 Moderate
CESA-2023:4233 Moderate CentOS java-11-openjdk Update 2023-07-21 Moderate
CESA-2023:4062 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-07-13 Important
CESA-2023:4079 Important CentOS firefox Update 2023-07-13 Important
CESA-2023:3944 Low CentOS open-vm-tools Update 2023-06-29 Low
CESA-2023:3741 Important CentOS c-ares Update 2023-06-21 Important
CESA-2023:3579 Important CentOS firefox Update 2023-06-14 Important
CESA-2023:3563 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-06-12 Important
CESA-2023:3555 Important CentOS python Update 2023-06-09 Important
CESA-2023:3556 Important CentOS python3 Update 2023-06-09 Important
CEBA-2023:3482 CentOS slapi-nis Update 2023-06-06
CEBA-2023:3483 CentOS nss-pem Update 2023-06-06
CEBA-2023:3484 CentOS kernel Update 2023-06-06
CEBA-2023:3486 CentOS geoipupdate Update 2023-06-06
CEBA-2023:3487 CentOS pki-core Update 2023-06-06
CESA-2023:3481 Moderate CentOS emacs Update 2023-06-06 Moderate
CEBA-2023:3333 CentOS httpd Update 2023-05-25
CESA-2023:3263 Important CentOS git Update 2023-05-23 Important
CESA-2023:3137 Important CentOS firefox Update 2023-05-16 Important
CESA-2023:3145 Important CentOS apr-util Update 2023-05-16 Important
CESA-2023:3151 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-05-16 Important
CESA-2023:2077 Important CentOS libwebp Update 2023-05-02 Important
CEBA-2023:1989 CentOS cronie Update 2023-04-25
CEBA-2023:1990 CentOS ipa Update 2023-04-25
CESA-2023:1904 Important CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Update 2023-04-25 Important
CESA-2023:1987 Moderate CentOS kernel Update 2023-04-25 Moderate
CESA-2023:1791 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2023-04-24 Important
CESA-2023:1806 Important CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2023-04-24 Important
CESA-2023:1875 Important CentOS java-11-openjdk Security Update 2023-04-24 Important
CEBA-2023:1595 CentOS xfsdump Update 2023-04-04
CESA-2023:1593 Important CentOS httpd Update 2023-04-04 Important
CESA-2023:1594 Important CentOS tigervnc and xorg-x11-server Update 2023-04-04 Important
CEBA-2023:1534 CentOS tzdata Update 2023-03-30
CESA-2023:1332 Important CentOS nss Security Update 2023-03-22 Important
CESA-2023:1335 Important CentOS openssl Security Update 2023-03-22 Important
CESA-2023:1333 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2023-03-22 Important
CESA-2023:1401 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-03-22 Important
CESA-2023:1091 Important CentOS kernel Security Update 2023-03-08 Important
CEBA-2023:1098 CentOS diffutils BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CESA-2023:1093 Important CentOS pesign Security Update 2023-03-08 Important
CESA-2023:1095 Moderate CentOS zlib Security Update 2023-03-08 Moderate
CEBA-2023:1096 CentOS autofs BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CEBA-2023:1089 CentOS ndctl BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CEBA-2023:1094 CentOS openscap BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CEBA-2023:1088 CentOS brasero BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CEBA-2023:1097 CentOS pki-core BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CEBA-2023:1099 CentOS scap-security-guide BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CESA-2023:1090 Important CentOS samba Security Update 2023-03-08 Important
CEBA-2023:1100 CentOS 389-ds-base BugFix Update 2023-03-08
CESA-2023:0675 Important CentOS xorg-x11-server Security Update 2023-03-06 Important
CESA-2023:0978 Important CentOS git Security Update 2023-03-01 Important
CESA-2023:0812 Important CentOS firefox Security Update 2023-02-22 Important
CESA-2023:0817 Important CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2023-02-22 Important
CESA-2023:0600 Important CentOS thunderbird Security Update 2023-02-20 Important
CESA-2023:0530 Important CentOS libksba Security Update 2023-02-20 Important
CESA-2023:0456 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2023-01-25 Important
CEBA-2023:0398 CentOS resource-agents Update 2023-01-24
CEBA-2023:0401 CentOS httpd Update 2023-01-24
CESA-2023:0203 Moderate CentOS java-1.8.0-openjdk Update 2023-01-24 Moderate
CESA-2023:0399 Important CentOS kernel Update 2023-01-24 Important
CESA-2023:0402 Moderate CentOS bind Update 2023-01-24 Moderate
CESA-2023:0403 Important CentOS sssd Update 2023-01-24 Important
CESA-2023:0195 Moderate CentOS java-11-openjdk Update 2023-01-23 Moderate
CESA-2023:0291 Important CentOS sudo Update 2023-01-23 Important
CESA-2023:0296 Important CentOS firefox Update 2023-01-23 Important
CESA-2023:0377 Important CentOS libXpm Update 2023-01-23 Important
CESA-2023:0045 Important CentOS tigervnc Update 2023-01-09 Important
CESA-2023:0046 Moderate CentOS xorg-x11-server Update 2023-01-09 Moderate
CESA-2022:9072 Important CentOS firefox Update 2022-12-15 Important
CESA-2022:9079 Important CentOS thunderbird Update 2022-12-15 Important
CEBA-2022:8946 CentOS mutter Update 2022-12-13
CEBA-2022:8947 CentOS rsync Update 2022-12-13
CEBA-2022:8948 CentOS sysstat Update 2022-12-13
CEBA-2022:8949 CentOS kernel Update 2022-12-13
CEBA-2022:8950 CentOS sssd Update 2022-12-13
CESA-2022:8958 Important CentOS bcel Update 2022-12-13 Important
CESA-2022:8900 Important CentOS grub2 Update 2022-12-08 Important
CESA-2022:8799 Important CentOS pki-core Update 2022-12-06 Important
CEBA-2022:8785 CentOS tzdata Update 2022-12-05